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Online help for Councils seeking tenders for LED lighting and controls

27 August 2017:

Model tender specifications to assist Councils to switch to LED street lighting and controls have been downloaded nearly 2,000 times since being published free online.

Godfrey Bridger of Strategic Lighting Partners Ltd says, “This just shows how timely and helpful these model specifications are proving to be as Councils in both New Zealand and Australia are actively seeking new and more efficient ways to provide services.”

Last month the Institute for Professional Works Engineering Australasia (IPWEA) published the new model specifications for LED street lighting and smart controls on its Street Lighting and Smart Control (SLSC) programme website.

Within the first few days of publication the model specifications had been downloaded about 1,000 times, and have now been downloaded nearly 2,000 times to date.

Authored for IPWEA and the Australian Department of the Environment and Energy by Bryan King and Godfrey Bridger of New Zealand’s Strategic Lighting Partners, together with Graham Mawer of Australia’s Next Energy, the model specifications are designed to accelerate the adoption of digital technologies for public lighting by assisting buyers, vendors, contractors, funders and advisors to engage confidently and efficiently in the procurement of LED lighting and controls.

The model specifications are designed to be:

  • Technically robust and current;
  • Compatible with AS/NZS standards and specifications while filing in gaps where AS/NZS guidance does not exist or is not suitably current;
  • Written concisely in easy to understand language;
  • Applicable to large and small projects in both urban and rural application;
  • Structured to include a range of selectable options to be chosen by the user to deliver a customised specification meeting their needs; and
  • Freely available to reduce barriers to LED uptake and dramatically increase their likely procurement and application.

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