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Road lighting design classification report due next month

1 September 2015:

A major review of an Australasian road lighting design classification system undertaken for the State of South Australia is due to be published next month [October 2015].

Road lighting consultancy, Strategic Lighting Partners Ltd, was commissioned to undertake the review by the South Australian Department of State Development on behalf of the Equipment Energy Efficiency (E3) Committee (Australia and New Zealand), which represents officials from Australian and New Zealand government agencies responsible for the energy performance legislation in both countries.

The consultancy was asked to analyse the energy performance outcomes of existing road lighting schemes in New Zealand and Australia, evaluate the recommendations of the Light Naturally report “Energy efficiency performance requirements for road lighting designs and luminaires”, make recommendations for refinements and to evaluate inclusion in the AS/NZS 1158 standard series, and analyse the cost implications of implementing the new standards for road lighting designs and luminaires.

Issued 1 September, 2015
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